"If I Could Only Tell You 3 Things About How to Make a Living on eBay" eBay eBook $2.99 ...If I could only tell you 3 things...

To purchase Future's eBay selling book, "If I Could Only Tell You 3 Things About How to Make a Living on eBay," for $2.99 click on the Add to Cart button. There are no additional charges nor shipping fees. It's an eBook you can read as often as you wish.

The Add to Cart button will take you to a Paypal page where you can pay for your eBook through your Paypal account. Future will immediately be notified of your purchase. I, Theresa, will email you the URL of the eBook so you can read it online. I'm not pretending you'll make a Gazillion dollars. That's silly. Most people who write those books are doing so because they can't make a living at doing the job they're writing about, so they sell a book instead. I just like talking about my fun of selling on eBay. Many friends have asked how I've been successful. I wrote it all down so I could fully share it all with each of them. I'm willing to share it with you also! Do I believe you can make a living at this? Yes, I do.

I've been making my living on eBay for over 10 years. I've done over 10,000 auctions. It's "my real job." eBay says 48% of your auctions should sell. I wouldn't do eBay if less than 98% of my auctions sold!$! For $2.99 find out how you can make a living on eBay too. I only cover the nitty-gritty, day-to-day details of how to get going successfully on eBay. There are basics are things like how to write an auction title that no one tells you. There's only 1 thing I would never, ever post an auction without doing! That get your attention? The 1 thing is in how to write your title; it won't cost you anything additional. I'm not selling you anything in the eBook; nothing else is for sale. Just the eBook itself. Just $2.99. No gimmicks. If you want to buy anything else, you can bid on my auctions on eBay!

Yes, I'm willing to tell you these basics. Why not? There's plenty of room for both of us on eBay!

Enjoy! Thanks, Theresa

P.S. At the end of the 17 page eBook, I included a P.S. of  "if I could only tell you 3 things about buying on eBay." (The small details I'm suppose to cover here: There are no shipping charges, refunds, chargeback protections nor complaint departments here. It's just a little eBook full of lots of my opinions based upon my successful experiences. I'm making money on eBay so I get to have opinions, you're welcome to read them, & make a profit, too.)