BIOS: Theresa Wyne

BIOS: Theresa Wyne in Seattle Washington

BIOS: Theresa Wyne in Seattle Washington

I’m Theresa Wyne, Seattle native and international adventurer. I grew up in Seattle thinking that my personal backyard included the mountains where we skied every weekend. Since it rains here all of the time, we never looked outside for the sunshine that comes from within.

I skied with the ski patrol and presumed everyone had it in their hearts to help each other at every given opportunity. They do. I taught EMTs, Emergency Medical Technicians, and presume everyone can do CPR if given a crisis. They can. I majored in English at the University of Washington and I still presume that everyone can be exactly as literate and wise as they choose to be. They are!

Currently, I do online marketing, affiliate marketing and eBay. Seeing the Invisible Truth at work is clear when projects appear as soon as I am ready for them. People do also. Editing the Invisible Truth book was a pleasure and a joy. When we study concepts enough to put them into simple words, we truly comprehend them. Thus, we can live them.

Having successfully worked for myself for several decades, I see only open frontiers before us all. I choose financial freedom. I choose greatness. What do you choose?